Weight Loss for Beginners

by turnbasedfitness

A Simple Guide to Weight Loss for Beginners Who Don’t Know Where to Start

So, you’ve decided you need to lose weight and need help in learning where to start? Great! In that case, you’ve come to the right place. This is a simple guide constructed for beginners on weight loss for those who don’t know where to start. If that sounds like you, then read on to discover the best tips for losing weight safely, and naturally.

Decide To Lose Weight

The first step in weight loss for beginners is to make the decision to lose weight. This does not mean a flippant thought about maybe trying to lose weight someday, or possibly attending a spin class once in a while. Truly deciding to lose weight means you are fully ready to commit to sticking with it. It means you are fed up with your current lifestyle and are ready to trade it in for a healthier, more fit way of living. Weight loss for beginners is usually hard for many people to take the first step because while they may want to lose weight, they have not decided that they are ready to do what it takes to accomplish this feat.

Decide right now that you are ready and willing to do what it takes to lose weight. If that means skipping out on your nightly happy hour with friends or co-workers, you must be willing to do it. The number one tip for weight loss for beginners is to act on your decision. Once you have truly decided that you are ready to change your life for the better, then you are well on your way to accomplishing your weight loss goal.

Make a Plan

A goal without a plan is just a dream, and dreams don’t come true unless we work for them. Weight loss for beginners can be quite daunting at first. There are a lot of questions to consider, namely, how do you lose weight? To lose weight you must burn more calories than you take in. A pound of fat is equal to about 3,500 calories.  So, if you have a BMR (basal metabolic rate) of 1500 calories (BMR is how many calories your body burns on its own at rest, excluding activities).You burn 800 calories through exercise and your daily activities, you have burned a total of 2300 calories. However, if you eat a total of 3000 calories throughout the day, then you are left with a caloric excess of 700 calories. This is how we gradually gain weight when we are not cautious of our exercise expenditure versus calorie intake.

To lose weight, we must reverse the above equation so that we are burning more than we eat. To do this, we need to track our calories in versus calories out. In simpler terms, we need to eat less and exercise more. The second best tip for weight loss is to make a plan for how you are going to do this. There are plenty of beginner diet and exercise plans available from many sources that could be helpful for you to follow. It may take time to find one that works best for you, as we are all different.

You can start your beginner diet and exercise plan by keeping a food and workout journal. Use the food journal to record everything you eat throughout the day to get a realistic idea of how many calories you are eating daily. Being able to look back on your food choices will let you know what you might need to change if you’re not seeing results in your weight loss. Additionally, you can also use your food journal to plan healthy meals ahead of time.

Your workout journal will be used in a similar fashion. You’ll use your workout journal to plan the workouts you will do for that week. Life can get crazy, and it’s easy to blame a busy schedule for not getting in any exercise. When you plan it ahead of time, you make time for your exercise regime. It is recommended for weight loss for beginners to exercise at least 3 times per week. Plan when, where, and how you will work out, and stick to that plan.

Be Consistent

No beginner diet and workout plan will work if it is not done consistently. Working out every day for a week is great, but you won’t see massive changes in your appearance after just one week. Similarly, eating nothing but salads for three days will be entirely a lost cause if you then splurge on a massive brunch on the weekend. Change happens gradually and only if we are consistently working towards it. Remember, you are making changes and forming new habits that will be your new lifestyle. You can’t expect to become or stay healthy and fit if you continue to make the same unhealthy decisions that got you to where you are today.

Be Realistic

How quickly you lose weight is dependent on many factors. Consistency and hard work are key, but there are other psychological factors to consider. Some people have faster metabolisms while others are slower. There is no right timeline for how long it takes you to lose weight if you are doing it the healthy way. Crash diets may promise relatively instant results, but they are not sustainable.

Don’t focus on how fast it will take you to lose weight, but rather on how you are going to successfully do so. Keep in mind that a pound of fat is equal to 3500 calories, and it takes time to burn off those calories in a sustainable way. The healthy rate of weight loss for beginners is around 1-2 pounds per week. Keep in mind this is just a general weight loss goal. Some people will lose weight faster, while for others it may take longer. Don’t be discouraged if that is the case for you. If you are consistently working on your beginner diet and exercise plan, then you will eventually see results. It takes time, but that time will pass anyway. Might as well be using that time to work on your health goals.

Stay Motivated

Another big question when it comes to weight loss for beginners is: how do you stay motivated while losing weight? There is no right or wrong answer to how you keep yourself motivated to lose weight; we are all guided by our own personal reasons. For some, health is their main priority, while for others, they just want to look good in their favorite outfits. To stay motivated while losing weight, you must know your reason for wanting to do so. Let it become your burning desire that will not let you rest unless you have it. Below are a few ways you can keep that burning desire alive:

  • Make a list. Write down a list of all the reasons you want to lose weight. Be specific. Think about all the positive changes that will occur once you have met your weight loss goal. This is the life you are working towards having.
  • Create a vision board. A vision board is simply a visual reference to your written list of reasons for losing weight. Sometimes having a visual aide to go along with our desires helps to inspire us even more so. Find images that represent to you what your life will be like once you have met your weight loss goal. Then place your board in a place where you will see it every day as a reminder.

Other Resources for Weight Loss for Beginners

While all the information provided in this article is helpful in beginning your weight loss journey, there are many more resources that can help you along the way. Magazines, books, and online blogs dedicated to health and fitness will provide a ton of accurate information for how best to lose weight. The more knowledge you gain on the subject will help you understand how to go about losing weight in the right way. There are also many online BMR calculating tools that will help you better understand how many calories you need to maintain a healthy body weight. A BMI (body mass index) calculating tool will help you understand where your body weight falls on the health spectrum and where you need to be to be healthy. But remember, none of these resources or tools will help you unless you decide to put in the work. So, what are you waiting for? Get up and get moving. The clock is ticking.

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