8 Minute Ab Workout – Proven Self Crafted

by turnbasedfitness

It isn’t necessary to need hi-tech equipment if you are preparing to start your 8-minute ab exercise program. This 8-minute ab exercise program will certainly help strengthen your abs.

Do you think that ab exercises have to be done at a gym? Think again! These simple exercises can be done right at home.

8-Minute Abdominal Exercise

Before you begin with the ab workout, lie down on a flat floor and take a deep breath to prepare yourself for the exercises.

Leg Raises

Start by getting on your hands and knees, almost in the same stance as an animal on four legs. When doing this exercise, make sure you keep your back straight. Raise your legs up slightly backward above your back (you can keep your knees bent if you want). Don’t go too far where it’s uncomfortable, but enough where you can feel the stretch. Keep your core tightened, and when you are finished, move to the next leg. Repeat this about fifty times.

Russian Twist

For this exercise, you’re going to sit on the floor. This can either be done by elevaiting your feet slightly, keeping your knees bent, or keeping your knees bent but your feet planted on the ground. Then you twist your upper body from side to side. Again not so much that it’s uncomfortable but enough where you feel a stretch. Repeat twenty times.

Final Thoughts on the 8 Minute Ab Workout

Repeat these exercises daily, or at least three times a week. There are other amazing forms of exercises that will also help build those abs. Remember, these exercises help strengthen your abs but you also need to do other forms of exercise and maintain a healthy diet for those shy abs to reveal themselves.

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