6 Ways To Build Self-Discipline In Your Life

by turnbasedfitness

Motivation Gets You Going, But Discipline Keeps You Growing. That’s The Law Of Consistency. It Doesn’t Matter How Talent….

John C. Maxwell

Saying “NO” to yourself and overcoming your weaknesses can often be the hardest battle you will wage with yourself. Regardless, going through this battle is necessary if you are willing to transform yourself into a winner.

If you do not have built-in self-discipline, you may struggle to achieve your life goals and may struggle to change yourself in the long run.

All of us have inner voices which tell us whether or not we should do something. The problem occurs when we want to do something, but for one reason or another, we decide not to. This can negatively affect our self-esteem because we didn’t stick to the promise we made to ourselves.

To help prevent this, we will be giving you six ways to build self-discipline in your life and become a better version of yourself.

1. Determination

When you have decided to do something, you should carry through with it, and do it properly. The decision to do something right is the one that can make a big difference between someone who does the job properly to the end and someone who does things just “to do them.” Whatever it is in your life, and whatever you do, be determined to do it well. Determination will bring you discipline and success.

2. Have A Vision

Without vision, you have no chance of being self-disinclined. The vision of who you want to be in the future will lead to self-discipline. A person without a vision wanders around, and such a person will find it difficult to have any discipline. In other words, you need something that will let you know why you should do something or why you should take action. Find a goal for yourself and find a reason that to achieve that goal to help you form your vision.

3. Precisely Set The Goals

When you have precise goals, you will know exactly what you need to do to achieve those goals. Precise goals will keep you stay disciplined and focused on the job. If you don’t have precisely set goals, you will just wander around and end up achieving very little, which can make you lose any discipline you might have had.

Writing down your goals, actions, and results on a daily basis can help you think more clearly. Thinking more clearly will bring you a step closer to creating your fortified discipline. So, get a motivational journal or a regular agenda, and write down your goals and achievements, and track your process. This will help you long-term, as you will see all of the small things you have achieved and eventually get the urge to achieve more.

4. Remember That Failure Is The Key Part Of The Success

Many people who want to become self-disciplined often make a mistake in their upcoming routine the next day, which leads to them giving up. You won’t become perfectly disciplined overnight, so expect it not to happen quickly.

However, building self-discipline can help you in all aspects of life. If you are ready to be committed, don’t worry about being perfect, worry about becoming at least 1% better every day. That way, you will gradually become disciplined in any area you want!

5. Don’t Label Yourself As An “Undisciplined” Person

The most important piece of advice you may remember after reading this article is not to label yourself as a person who does not have strong self-discipline. As you have read in the previous section, you can gradually build discipline over time. Work on yourself every day to be stronger than the person you were yesterday, and your discipline will grow and become stronger as time passes by.

6. Build New Habits

Adding new habits every day and cutting off the bad ones can help you become a better version of yourself.

One of the best books to help you build new habits and maintain your discipline is Atomic Habits by James Clear. This is THE book on habits that explains in detail how to adopt good habits and break the bad ones.

To be honest, some call this book the holy grail among books about self-discipline. If you decide to take some time and read it, you will see the reason why.

The author, James Clear, refers to biology, neuroscience, philosophy, and psychology and provides a synthesis of the best ideas that people discovered long ago, as well as those recently discovered. As he says in the introduction, human behavior changes from each moment to another.

This book will surely help you build steel self-discipline. If you are up for it, take some time to read and analyze it, you will surely see some life messages and get some helpful tips from it.

Final Thoughts

There’s no such thing as a magic potion that can make you a disciplined person within seconds. What it takes is hard work, dedication, and most importantly, the will to change yourself by becoming better. To be honest with you, building steel discipline will surely take time. But the most important thing to remember is that with the right amount of dedication, you will surely accomplish that.

Don’t forget to encourage yourself daily, and reward your hard work with something you desire. For example, if you want to stop biting your nails, give yourself a certain amount of time to not do that action. If you can hold out, and not do it during that time, treat yourself to a reward!

We hope that our advice and tips will help you build the self-discipline you desire.

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